Insurance Claims

Insurance Help Desk: 250-220-8731

Accidents happen and when they do, Hourigan’s Flooring has the experience to help you get your home or business back up and running as soon as possible.

Local restoration and insurance companies view Hourigan’s Flooring as THE flooring store to partner with for water, fire, bio-hazard and other natural disasters in Victoria.

Hourigan’s 7 Steps for a successful Insurance Claim:

  1. Obtain an in-home flooring damage assessment.
  2. Identify existing flooring materials using industry standard online insurance forms.
  3. Work with restoration company and insurance representative to assess flooring replacement valuation.
  4. Obtain a Free In-Home Measure from Hourigan’s Flooring.
  5. Schedule a Hourigan’s Flooring showroom appointment to choose new flooring materials.
  6. Schedule your new floor installation in conjunction with your restoration company.
  7. Pay Hourigan’s Flooring for any upgrades you may have chosen (Hourigan’s Flooring submits an invoice on your behalf to your insurance company and/or restoration company).